Hello & Welcome to Sheeva Soul Therapy

Here you will find a number of holistic and spiritual services that work on healing the Mind, Body and Soul.

The 1-1 treatments and sessions available are-

Crystal Healing, Massage, Reiki, Distance Healing, Meldings (Plant Medicines) Consultations, Soul Healing and Soul Readings.

The other services available are-

Crystal Healing Training Courses, Reiki Training Courses and Spiritual Groups & Workshops.

 Holistic therapy treatments help to cleanse and rebalance the chakras and the aura, relieve mental, emotional and physical conditions, promote deep relaxation and improve wellbeing.

Soul healing and soul reading sessions help to facilitate deep healing, spiritual growth, spiritual connection, self-awareness, self-development and transformation.

All services take place at a beautiful healing space in Prestwich, Manchester. A mobile treatments service is also available to selected areas for an additional cost. Distance healing is available to all worldwide. Soul readings are also available worldwide via Skype.