Healing Circle

I regularly hold a women’s healing circle, which is timed with the new moon and full moon phases as both are very powerful healing times. Women’s healing circles have taken place on the days of these powerful moons for thousands of years, so in following this tradition we also connect with their energy and wisdom. When I host the circle and hold the space, I act as a gateway or doorway to Soul, so that others can find their own deep and empowering connection to their own Soul. Attending a healing circle allows an individual to connect with the universe, their Soul, their higher guidance, their intuition, their truth and their divinity. It also allows them to be open and receptive to any guidance and healing that they need. My healing circle offers all those who attend a space of development, transformation, healing and connection. Furthermore, when women come together and connect in a circle they empower one another and contribute towards healing the feminine and bringing balance into the world.

My women’s healing circle takes place at my healing space in Prestwich, Manchester.