Distance Healing

Distance healing involves carrying out an energy healing treatment when the recipient is not present. Distance healing can be sent to anyone, anytime, anywhere because energy healing or spiritual healing is not limited by time, space or distance. An individual can receive healing no matter where they are based because the healing session is performed remotely. During a distance healing treatment, I connect with and work intuitively with the individual’s energy and Soul. I work in service of their Soul and send them whatever healing they need for their highest and greatest good. A distance healing treatment is just as effective and powerful as a face-to-face healing treatment. It also works on the mind, body and soul and is deeply healing and relaxing. Like other healing treatments, a distance healing treatment helps to heal, balance and re-energise the chakras, clear energy blockages, release stagnant energy, clear or repair the aura, balance the ying and yang energy and heal the energy body.

Distance healing sessions are available worldwide.

For distance healing session prices please see services prices.