Distance Healing

Distance healing involves facilitating an energy healing session for a person who is not physically present. A person can receive healing in this way, because the healing session is performed remotely. Distance healing can be sent to anyone, anytime, anywhere, because energy healing is not limited by time, space or distance.

In a distance healing session, I connect to and work with the person’s energy and Soul. I work in service of their Soul and help to facilitate whatever healing and shifts they need at that time. A distance healing session works in a similar way to a face-to-face healing session and is just as effective, powerful and transformational. If during the session, I receive any guidance and/or information for the person I am facilitating for, I share this with them after the healing is complete. This also gives them the opportunity to share any feedback with me and ask any questions regarding the session.

Distance healing sessions are available to all worldwide.

For distance healing prices please see my session prices.