Intuitive Readings

An intuitive reading allows an individual to receive help, support, guidance, information and answers to any questions that they may have. In an intuitive reading session, I connect with Soul, the spiritual world, my intuition, my higher guidance and my wisdom in order to provide the individual with help and guidance. After the individual has shared what they would like to ask or receive guidance on, I then read their energy and the energy around the situation/situations. I sense, feel, hear and see any guidance that I need to convey to them for their highest good. To assist me, I may also use tools, such as cards or my pendulum. During the session, I will provide the individual with intuitive advice and insights relating to their health, their relationships, their work, their soul purpose and any issues that they may have in their lives. An intuitive reading can help to provide answers, clarity, peace of mind, perspective and inspiration. It can also be healing, transformational and empowering.

Intuitive reading sessions are available at my therapy room in Prestwich, Manchester.

Intuitive reading sessions are also available worldwide via Skype.

For intuitive reading session prices please see services prices.