Meldings Consultations

Meldings are plant medicines that contain a combination of herbal tinctures, willow water and organic alcohol, along with the channelled vibrational energy of the plants.

There are currently almost 40 different Meldings available and each one is divided into the following groups-

The Earthing Group, The Strengthening Group, The Healer Group, The Shift Group, The Heart Group and The Ascension Group.

Unique Meldings blends can also be created according to an person’s individual needs and requirements. Blends of Meldings create a whole new resonance which is unique to that bottle (and to that individual).

Meldings are taken as drops in water and can be used in a few different ways. They can be taken as and when needed in the moment, as a course over a longer period of time, or before/during/after rituals and healing work.

Meldings are a great support system for all aspects of life and the spiritual journey. There is a Melding for everything! Plants have been used as medicine and for healing since the beginning of the time, they truly are a gift from Gaia. Meldings provide a powerful, natural, healthy and holistic way to heal the mind, body and soul.

As a Meldings Practitioner, I offer Meldings consultations to those who would like help and support working with Meldings. In a Meldings consultation, I take a full case history and then ask a number of questions in order to ascertain the most effective Melding or combination of Meldings for that person. Using my guidance and all of the information I have received, I then intuitively prescribe them either a Meldings single(s) or a Meldings blend. I also provide the person with details of what the Melding/Meldings will do for them, how many drops they will need to take and how often they will need to take it.

When intuitively guided to do so, I also use Meldings in my healing sessions and groups, as they (the plants) are a powerful part of my tool kit (along with crystals!). Consequently, I sometimes recommend to those that I am working with that it would be helpful for them to purchase a Meldings single or a Meldings blend to continue taking at home.

Meldings consultations take place at my therapy room in Prestwich, Manchester.

For Meldings and Meldings consultation prices please see my session prices.