Soul Healing

Soul healing is a spiritual and transformative energetic healing session, which is completely intuitively led. It can be deeper and more profound than other types of healing treatments. In a soul healing session, I invite Soul to connect and work with me for the highest good and healing of the individual/Soul who I am facilitating for. I ask Soul to allow me to be of service to the individual in whatever way they need. I may also connect with the spiritual world, the Divine and Gaia, also known as Mother Earth. During the healing session, Soul guides me as to where to place my hands, where to place any particular crystals and any words and sounds to use in order to facilitate the deepest and most effective healing session. Soul may also provide me with any guidance, insight, wisdom, knowledge and information that needs to communicated to the individual for their highest good and healing. Each session will be different and unique according to the individual’s healing needs at that time and whatever guidance I receive. During the session, the flow of energy healing channelled into the body will be deeply relaxing and sometimes of an intense nature. A soul healing session can bring about the release of blocks and can also result in emotional releases during or after the session. It can help to facilitate significant breakthroughs and spiritual shifts in an individual’s life. It also allows promotes deep relaxation in the mind, body and soul and significant healing on all levels.

Soul healing sessions are available at my therapy room in Prestwich, Manchester.

Mobile soul healing sessions are also available to selected areas in Manchester for an additional cost.

For soul healing session prices please see services prices.