Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is an ancient system of vibrational energy healing which involves the laying on of stones. Crystals are amazing beings who have different healing, spiritual and transformational energetic properties. When crystals are used in a healing session, their unique energy field interacts with the individual’s energy field causing healing to occur. Specifically the crystals absorb, balance, detoxify, shift and heal an individual’s energy. This helps to bring about harmony and health in the mind, body and soul. In a crystal healing treatment, I intuitively place crystals on and around the head and the body and in the hands. Different crystals are laid on the chakras, in the auric field and on other key areas. During the treatment I normally use energy healing too. A crystal healing treatment helps to heal, balance and re-energise the chakras, clear energy blockages, release stagnant energy, clear or repair the aura, balance the ying and yang energy, heal the energy body and bring about deep healing. Crystals also help to bring about shifts in perspective, personal transformation and positive life changes. Crystal healing is completely natural and safe and is helpful for all forms of medical issues, conditions, illnesses and diseases.

Crystal healing treatments are available at my therapy room in Prestwich, Manchester.

Mobile crystal healing treatments are also available to selected areas in Manchester for an additional cost.

For crystal healing treatment prices please see services prices.