Reiki is an ancient system of energy healing which involves the laying on of hands on or above the body and the channelling of ‘Universal Life Force Energy’. Reiki activates the body’s natural healing ability and works towards healing the root cause of any issue. It helps to bring a person whatever healing and shifts they need for their mind, body and soul, and always works for their highest good. Reiki healing can also bring positive life changes, shifts in perspective, spiritual growth and development, and transformation.

In a reiki treatment, I work intuitively placing my hands on or above different areas of the body and allowing healing energy to flow. I usually begin the treatment by placing my hands on the head or shoulders and then work my way down the body towards the feet. During the treatment, I allow energy to flow into the chakras, the aura and other key areas for as long as I am guided to. A reiki treatment is deeply healing and helps to cleanse and rebalance a person’s chakras, aura and meridians.

Reiki is completely natural and safe and is helpful for all forms of medical issues, conditions, illnesses and diseases.

Reiki treatments take place at my therapy room in Prestwich, Manchester.

Mobile reiki treatments are also available to selected areas in Manchester for an additional cost.

For reiki treatment prices please see my session prices.

If you are interested in learning reiki please see reiki training courses.