Being attuned to reiki gives a person the ability to channel healing energy for the benefit of themselves and others. The reiki attunement/initiation process is frequently likened to the tuning of a radio to the ‘reiki station’. During the attunement process, a special connection is made between the student and the reiki source, so that the student can receive and transmit ‘Universal Life Force Energy’. If the student has already been attuned to reiki and is receiving further attunements, they will experience additional shifts. After a student receives a reiki attunement, they will be able to progress further on their spiritual path and with their self-development. If they are already connected to reiki, their sensitivity to the energies will be heightened. There are many benefits of being attuned to reiki, such as the ability to self-heal and heal others, spiritual growth, spiritual development, spiritual awareness, expansion of consciousness and relief from or improvement of mental, emotional and physical conditions.

When teaching my reiki courses, I work soulfully and intuitively. I am attuned to the Usui system of reiki healing and follow this tradition during my courses. During the training days, in addition to teaching reiki, I also like to cover and discuss other areas and aspects of spirituality.

The details of each the Reiki Training Courses I offer are as follows-

Reiki Level One/Reiki First Degree-

This course will introduce you to the basics of reiki. The training will include three attunements, which will enable you to channel reiki energy yourself. You will learn what reiki is, how reiki works, the history of reiki, the benefits of reiki, how to do self-treatments and how to give treatments to others. Once you have completed this level you will be able to do reiki self-healing as well as providing reiki healing treatments for your friends and family.

Reiki Level Two/Reiki Second Degree (Practitioner Level)-

This course is for those who have completed reiki level one and is referred to as practitioner level. The training will include one attunement, which will enable you to use sacred reiki symbols. You will learn what the reiki symbols are, the symbols uses, how to perform distance reiki healing, other reiki techniques and how to set up as a practitioner. Once you have completed this level you will be able to provide reiki treatments to members of the public as a qualified reiki practitioner.

Reiki Master Teacher Level/Reiki Level Three/Third Degree-

This course is for those who have completed reiki level two and would like to go on to attune others or to progress further with their reiki training or reiki journey. The training will include the master attunement, which will enable you to teach reiki and pass attunements to your own students. You will learn about the master symbol, how attunements work, how to give attunements and how to teach reiki training courses.

All reiki training courses take place on one day and can last up to five hours depending on the level of completion and the needs of the student.

Reiki training courses take place at my healing space in Prestwich, Manchester.

For prices please see my training course prices.